Recently we asked our listeners what Missoula restaurants that no longer exist that they miss the most. The list was a very cool walk down memory lane. There were restaurants that I enjoyed over the years, and even a few where I spent some time as an employee.

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The other day I was reading about the opening of a new restaurant in different state, that had, what I thought, was a brilliant idea. They were going to use some classic recipes from restaurants that had closed in their town and bring them back in the new restaurant.

What Dishes From Past Missoula Restaurants Should Return?

That got me thinking about some of the places that have closed their doors in Missoula and some of the recipes that people miss the most. So we asked which iconic Missoula dishes from the past do people miss the most. What if a Missoula restaurant was able to put together a menu that incorporated some of your favorite recipes from the past? What would that look like?

Favorite Missoula Recipes From the Past

Del's Place- Mushroom Burger, mozzarella sticks, chicken strips and a shake

Bangkok- Spicy Thai Fried Rice

Montana Pie Company- French Silk Pie

Curley's Tavern- House sandwich, chicken bisque, and ham sandwich with honey mustard.

Finnegan's- Late night fries

Heidlehaus- $10.00 all you can eat prime rib. Fondue, and the salad bar was pretty epic.

Tower Pizza- Candmato- Canadian bacon and tomato on a whole wheat crust.

Main Spot- Hashbrowns and gravy.

Bag O' Burgers- A bag of cheap and tasty burgers.

93 Stop 'N Go- 'Duper' fry sauce.

Zimorino's- Zoo Town Pizza and cheese sticks.

Uptown Diner- Meatloaf sandwich, marshmallow milkshake.

Lisa Pasty Pantry- Pasties.

Torrey's- Hot veggie salad.

Big Sky Drive In- The burger and tater tots smothered in cheese sauce.

Pearl Cafe- Spicy shrimp.

Casa Pablos- Nachos.

Viva Mexico- Pollo A La Crema.

Hong Kong Chef- Schezwan Shredded Beef.

Triple Dragon- Handmade Chow Mein noodles.

As you can see this menu would be varied and tasty. I don't think there will ever be a restaurant that will have a menu like this. But if some restaurant in Missoula  would like to take on the challenge of bringing back some of these dishes, I know there are a lot of people around Missoula who's taste buds would appreciate the walk down memory lane.

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