When I was in high school I lived with a French family for a week as part of a foreign exchange student program. I remember when we were getting to know each other they said they didn't eat soup, and it surprised me (cut me some slack, I was sixteen), but they explained it was always warm in that part of the country so they never had a need or want for soup.

This may be one reason why I'll never move somewhere that's warm year-round. I love soup, and Missoula has some great options.

4bs Missoula Montana


"You're not Montanan if you don't like the tomato soup at 4B's." - KC

And if you do want to make it yourself, we tracked down the recipe. 

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Bridge Pizza from the street with open sign

Bridge Pizza

Pizza may be in the name, but have soup made from scratch and the Thai Chicken Curry is a fave.

Sidewalk in front of Doc's Sandwich Shop in Missoula

Doc's Sandwich Shop

Doc's Sandwich Shop is a classic choice for soup and a sandwich in Missoula. They have Hangover Stew, Tomato Basil, and White Chilli all the time and other soups featured on certain days of the week.

A-Frame Restaurant parking lot

Montana Club

At the Montana Club, you'll want to order the Creamy Southwest Chicken Soup and it's made with Casa Pabols Salsa for the broth which makes it a very Missoula soup.

Buildling with drawings of animals

Soup Farm

The Soup Farm has a fantastic collection of unique soups like Butternut Squash and Apple Bisque, and Reuben Chowder, but they're also known for creating flavors from scratch.

Do you have a favorite place for soup in Missoula that was left off the list? Message us on our app.

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