It's been a rough year for businesses.

Staff shortages, inflation--many factors have led to businesses closing in our community. We saw chains, local businesses, small establishments and large ones close. Yes, there were announcements of business openings too, but we wanted to take a minute to express our thanks to the business owners of Missoula who closed their doors this year.

Personally, I have fond memories of spending time with loved ones at several of the restaurants that closed this year. I had breakfast once with my best friend's mom at the Catalyst Cafe and Espresso when I was in college. It's not that there was anything special about the breakfast. The food was the same high quality that it always was, and sitting at a table on the balcony always felt cool. I was with a person who meant a lot to me. Having breakfast with her there felt like home, and the combination of factors made it a day I will never forget.

And it was small, but years ago when I was thinking about moving back to Missoula, it was a waitress at Burns Street Bistro, who was one of the most delightful waitstaff I've ever met, that reminded me of how special Missoula and its people are. Again, it wasn't anything specific she said or did, but a combination of factors that made Missoula feel like home.

To any business owner who made the decision to close this year, thank you for your contribution to our community.

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