I ate at one of Missoula's newer restaurants this weekend, and while I was enjoying the food I tasted a flavor that reminded me of a Missoula restaurant from long ago. 

Missoula Nostalgia

We’ve been thinking about Missoula’s past a lot recently. We had a story about a local business, Funk It Thrift and Coffee, that will be opening soon and shared about their renovation process. The bar they will use in their coffee shop comes from Liberty Lanes, giving the bowling alley floor a third life. 

We also looked around at Missoula buildings and saw hints of Missoula's past. We even reminisced about the 90s and wondered if a viral GQ article in 1995 was a little too harsh when it said one aspect of Montana is overrated.  

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So basking in all this nostalgia, maybe I was just looking for a connection that isn't there. But I think I stumbled onto something and I want to know what you think. 

Missoula Food

I was eating at Elote in Southgate Mall and if you've eaten there, you know that many of the entrees come with rice and beans. When the rice and beans arrived with my meal, I noticed the beans were pureed. When I took the first bite I was transported through time. 

I know Elote is a Mexican restaurant, but when I tasted the rice and beans, it reminded me of Tipu’s. 

Rice and beans with fork
Ashley, Townsquare Media

Remember Tipu’s excellent Indian food? I have to wonder, is there an herb or spice that is shared between the recipe at Elote and what used to be served at Tipu's? Is there a more direct connection, like a recipe shared when the restaurant was sold? Even the texture of the beans reminded me of the texture at Tipu's.  

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that if you love Tipu’s Chai, you can get it at grocery stores and restaurants around Missoula and Montana,  or purchase it online

But I'm really curious. Did anybody else notice that the rice and beans at Elote taste like the food from Tipu’s? 

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