Growing up in Missoula, there was one aspect of food culture where it felt like Missoula really had its finger on the pulse, and that was coffee shops. Catalyst Cafe and Espresso had Montana’s first coffee cart in 1991, for example, and I remember spending late nights at The Break in downtown Missoula studying for history exams when I was in high school. Even if we only ate the pastries and drank very little coffee, we were fully immersed in coffee shop culture. 

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Fast forward and coffee culture had taken over the country thanks to the show “Friends” but much of Montana still didn’t have a lot of coffee shops in general. When I first moved to Billings there were only two or three coffee shops to choose from but after only a few years, half a dozen coffee shops sprang up. By the time I left ten years later, there were some fantastic shops, including one that will be coming to Missoula.

Mazevo Coffee coming soon sign
Chris Wolfe, Townsquare Media

If you've driven on Brooks Street recently, you may have seen construction happening near the fairgrounds. And a banner went up saying that Mazeo Coffee (pronounced mah-zay-vo) is coming soon. Mazevo Coffee has multiple locations in Montana. You can find four locations in Billings, one in Bozeman, and one in Laurel besides the one that will be located at 2500 Brooks Street in Missoula.  

Part of what I like about Mazevo Cofee is that their blends are smooth and their lattes aren’t too sugary.  If you want an idea of the vibe at Mazevo, check out this video posted to their Instagram account.  

I'm surprised it took them this long to come to Missoula. Welcome, Mazevo Coffee!  


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