We talked meth, the war on our Southern Border, media bias, and more with famed 60 Minutes war correspondent Lara Logan in Billings on Thursday morning. All this, ahead of Lara Logan's lecture Thursday night at Rocky Mountain College.

During our conversation, I mentioned how the meth in Montana is coming from across our Southern border. Logan added:

Meth worldwide is all coming from the Mexican drug cartels, and even calling them a drug cartel gives them a free pass on all the other terrible things that they do...so if you're buying meth in New York City, or in Montana, or Brazil, or in Africa, or Moscow, or somewhere in Europe- you're buying it from the Mexican cartel.

Logan says that the Mexican drug cartels have also beat out the Chinese when it comes to the distribution of Fentanyl. She's had off the record conversations with DEA agents who have told her:

Mexico has taken meth production to an entirely new level. The example was if you used to pick up 1kg of meth, now you're picking up literally like 600 kg, because they've created these super labs across Mexico. They control the distribution, they control the price, and there is not a street gang in America- or a drug dealer who is selling meth that doesn't owe something to the cartel.

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