Missoula County Public Schools will be undergoing some leadership changes beginning in the next school year of 2019-2020.

Communications Director Hatton Littman said some familiar names in Missoula schools will be stepping down at the end of this school year.

“We have three of our school administrators who will be retiring,” said Littman. “They are at the end of very long and successful careers. Susan Anderson at Lewis and Clark Elementary, Lisa Hendrix at C.S. Porter Middle School, and Dr. Cat Pekora at Seeley Swan High School will all retire at the end of this year.”

One other administrator will be continuing his career outside the United States.

“Dr. Ted Fuller has accepted an opportunity to be a secondary school principal at the American School in Rabat, Morocco,” she said. “We’ve had several of our leaders explore opportunities in other countries, including a former principal at Paxson Elementary, so there is certainly an interest to experience the world and see how education is done in other countries.”

Also retiring at the end of the schools year is MCPS Superintendent Mark Thane.

Littman said the positions will be offered for current principals to consider transfers as a first step. If the positions are not filled that way, the positions will be posted publicly before winter break.

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