When something bad happens it is always nice to know that you live in a community that is there to help. Myron reached out yesterday afternoon about his trailer, which is his livelihood, being stolen and in the end this has a good outcome or better then some.

Someone just hooked up to it and left it sounded like! This happened in the Florence area on Tuesday morning and after hearing about this story we knew we had to do something. I reached to Myron this morning to do an interview and see if there was a chance we could locate his trailer, he had 17 years worth of tools and stuff inside.

The interview aired around 8:30 am this morning and about 15 minutes later a lady (Sarah) called the 94.9 KYSS hotline and said she just saw a trailer which seemed abandoned and maybe out of place in Stevensville. She thought it looked like the trailer described and wanted to let the guy know where it was. I called Myron back to let him know the location and the ladies name and phone number to thank. Myron said he would call the authorities. He later sent me an email that said :

  I can’t thank you enough yes it is my trailer
I am waiting for the police to show up thank you thank you thank you

If you listened to the interview you could hear the devastation, this was a big knock down I am sure. At least the trailer is recovered but as far as the contents go... I am not sure about that.

The power of community, caring and radio!


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