Montana Senior Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator Jean Gee has been appointed to the NCAA Division I Council.

Gee said she is gratified to be returning to the council that handles day-to-day decision making for NCAA Division I issues, specifically dealing with legislative issues.

“I was chosen by my peers in the Big Sky Conference to serve as the conference representative to the NCAA Division I Council,” said Gee. “I’m completing a term for the former athletic director from Eastern Washington, and then I start my own four-year term on July 1st. I’ll be dealing with a lot of legislation, which may make me a bit of a geek, because I’ll be combing through hundreds of proposals, but we are the legislative body of the NCAA and we look at the implications of that legislation and whether to pass it.”

Gee noted that several representatives from the UM Athletic Department will be participating the upcoming Missoula Rises forum  ‘Tackling a Culture of Sexism’, especially considering the journey that UM has taken over the last decade in working to end sexual assault on campus.

“We’ve just come light years from that point, and we need to continue that development and that relationship with our campus community and our Missoula community,” she said. “It’s work that is never just ‘done’, and so I’m viewing this panel as one of those opportunities to continue to build that relationship.”

Gee, who oversees the department’s academic and compliance services, has served in her current role at Montana since 2004. She began working at her alma mater in 1991.


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