Rains on Sunday, August14, helped calm fires in the Missoula area, but accompanying winds that night helped expand the Lolo Peak Fire. Lolo Peak Fire information officer Sig Palm explains.

"That activity started causing [the Lolo Peak Fire] to go easterly, down valley," Palm said. "What we have is about 10,363 acres at this week and there are now a few spot fires that are right up against the secondary line that was built, inside the original box, and now firefighters are getting onto that."

The fire broke past the second containment line during the past 24 hours, but it still has a ways to travel to get down to the final containment line which is near homes.

The fire is still two miles from the closest home and about six or seven miles from the bulk of homes. There are 165 homes that were evacuated then there are some on the periphery, on the east side of the evacuation area, that went into a warning. What that means is, be ready to leave if the order is given, because it is serious business."

The costs of fighting the Lolo Peak Fire are ramping up too. About a week ago, the cost of the fire was at about 8.8 million dollars, but as of Tuesday morning, the cost had topped 14.8 million dollars.

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