Following news of the water situations in Flint, Michigan and Portland, Oregon, MCPS officials discovered elevated concentrations of lead in some of the faucets at the Seeley Swan High School.

Communications Director Hatton Littman said the elevated concentrations were found in a building originally built in 1964.

“The only school out of all our 17 schools that did have elevated concentrations of lead were at Seeley Swan High School,” Littman said. “When we found out, we immediately sent dispensers as well as large jugs of bottled water to the school for the purposes of cooking and for drinking water.”

Hatton identified where the fixtures were located that had increased levels of lead.

“The original testing identified five fixtures,” she said. “Three out of those five had elevated concentrations of lead, so they were found in the men’s and women’s restrooms right in the front entry of the school in the oldest part of the school, as well as in the teachers lounge.”

Reports indicate that the problem appears to be with the fixtures and pipes within the school, and not with the Seeley Lake Water District, and a remediation plan is being developed.

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