Montana politico, and former Obama campaign manager, Jim Messina is taking a shot at Bernie Sanders as the Iowa Caucuses draw near.

Here's what the University of Montana alum and former chief of staff to Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) told Politico:

“If I were a campaign manager for Donald Trump and I look at the field, I would very much want to run against Bernie Sanders,” Messina said. “I think the contrast is the best. He can say, ‘I’m a business guy, the economy’s good and this guy’s a socialist.’ I think that contrast for Trump is likely one that he’d be excited about in a way that he wouldn’t be as excited about Biden or potentially Mayor Pete or some of the more Midwestern moderate candidates.”



So, if he's apparently not backing Bernie Sanders...who is Messina backing in the Democrat presidential primary? The Daily Wire has this:

Messina hasn’t declared a preference in the 2020 primaries, but his wife reportedly works for former Vice President Joe Biden. Obama himself has shied away from endorsing Biden for the nomination — he has, instead, spoken highly of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Their advice tracks with polling, which shows only Biden giving Trump trouble in “Rust Belt” battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and only Biden and Warren coming near Trump in places like Nevada, Arizona, and Florida.


Messina's wife is also the daughter of former Billings city councilman Brent Cromley.

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