A missing snowmobiler was found late Monday night after volunteers trekked in on snowshoes to the bottom of Brimstone Creek. Mineral County Sheriff Tom Bauer said he first received a call from his dispatcher on Sunday at around 10:30 p.m. that there was a missing snowmobiler.

"What I had was that he was snowmobiling, his name is Barry Sadler and he was riding with a partner, and his partner was running low on fuel so he said: 'Hey Barry, I need to run down and grab some gas.' Barry said: 'I'll be right behind you.' Well, Barry decided to go play," Bauer said. "He ended up going down a ridge into a hole that he couldn't get out of."

Bauer informed search and rescue that following Monday and they headed out to the Taft area.

"Two to four snowmobiles went in to initiate a search. They spent the entire day up there," Bauer said. "Towards the end of the day, two of my search and rescue gentlemen found one lone snowmobile track going off by itself into an area that was bad. I then called the Shoshone County sheriff. He initiated just some volunteer people from Shoshone County that went in. They located Barry after midnight."

Despite being cold, wet and dehydrated, Bauer said Barry was “in good health.”

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