A St. Ignatius woman, 33 year-old Annie Morigeau, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony theft and forgery for allegedly stealing money from a local charity.

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said Morigeau was arrested in St. Ignatius.

“Annie Morigeau was the secretary for the St. Ignatius Firefighters Auxiliary Board, not the actual St. Ignatius Fire Department,” said Bell. “The St. Ignatius Auxiliary Board works off of donations and auctions around the community. Over $59,000 was allegedly embezzled in this case.”

Bell said the criminal complaint was filed in Lake County District Court.

“There was a warrant issued through the Lake County District Court for the arrest of Annie Morigeau, and she was arrested at about 3:00 p.m. on Monday, July 29th in the area of St. Ignatius.”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office assisted the St. Ignatius Police Department in the arrest.

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