Why Buffalo? Why did President Biden immediately fire up Air Force One and head to Buffalo? Because he wanted to divide Americans. He wanted to divide Americans along racial lines. He wanted to benefit politically from this sickening tragedy.

If that wasn't his intent, then why didn't he go to Waukesha, Wisconsin after the hateful attack that took place there?

John Lott, Jr. is a gun-rights expert who now lives in Missoula, Montana and heads up the Crime Prevention Research Center. He has a very interesting writeup at TheFederalist.com where he writes that "Democrats are lying to Americans about the most likely motivations for mass murderers and the prevalence of guns in violent crime."

Rather than being "right wing", Lott says many of these high profile mass shooters are anti-capitalist extreme environmentalists.

Other groups commit mass public shootings disproportionately more than whites do...9 percent are carried out by people of Middle Eastern origin, who make up only 0.4 percent of the country’s population.

He adds that other minority groups also commit these attacks at a slightly higher rate than their share of the population.

As for the Buffalo shooter, Lott wrote another piece at Townhall.com highlighting the extreme environmental views of that and other high-profile incidents:

In his manifesto, the gunman self-identifies as an “eco-fascist national socialist” and a member of the “mild-moderate authoritarian left.” He expresses concern that minority immigrants have too many children and will damage the environment.

Capitalists, who the shooter argues are destroying the environment, are at the root of much of the problem.

Click here for the full piece at Townhall.com.


*Note: As I was typing this story, details began coming in about yet another sickening mass shooting. This time, it occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas where over a dozen students were reportedly killed. The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

This is a good rule of thumb for anyone out there trying to immediately politicize these attacks:

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