32 year-old Clyde Stengel, is in the Missoula County Jail for hiding in a shower and watching at least four people use the bathroom.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh with the Missoula Police Department said they received a call on Monday, July 11.

"On Monday at about 2:30 in the afternoon, we responded to a call for service in relation to an incident that had occurred in a gender-neutral bathroom on South Russell Street," Welsh said. "The report was that a male had been hiding in a shower as people came in and out and used the bathroom, and used those opportunities to otherwise spy on those persons."

The suspect was identified as Clyde Stengel, and he was taken into custody and charged with surreptitious visual observation of recordation, and because it was his third offense, it is a felony.

According to the Missoula Jail Roster, Stengel is being held on $60,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in Missoula Justice Court at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon.

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