Who doesn't enjoy a good mugshot? When it's not your own, I mean. Nosey Missoulians have been loving the Missoula Mugs website for a few years now, but the prying has come to an end.

Whether you were using Missoula Mugs to keep an eye on a violent ex-partner or family member, find out where your employees are when they don't show up for work, look for friends who aren't answering your texts, or maybe like me, you're just plain nosey, we will have to find new ways to get snoopy about local arrests. Now when you visit the website you get the following message.


Missoula Mugs began with a dream—the dream that all Missoulians could have a place to go to find out who got arrested last night. We're proud to have made that dream a reality for all these years. We're proud to have never taken a penny for advertising, and we're proud to have given you all a place to go for answers when your co-worker didn't show up for work Monday morning.

But sadly, the tables have turned and Missoula Mugs is on the run, wanted for the crime of being too popular. We'll be laying low for a while, waiting for the heat to die down.

Thanks for the memories, and we'll see you on down the road.

Things to love about the site included the fact that they used the ghost emoji to mark people who didn't show up for court and the ironic shirts that Missoulians manage to get themselves arrested in. Shirts that say things like "Drunk AF" and "Ask me about my drugs."

Some people used the website to keep track of family members and others kind of used it as an alternative Tinder, scrolling through to see if anyone hot was bailing out. It's wild, I know. Some mugshots can still be seen on the Missoula Mugs Instagram, and of course, you can always visit the official Missoula Jail Roster page. So long Missoula Mugs, it was fun while it lasted.

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