It's been a pretty good 24 hours if you're a baseball fan. Players and owners from Major League Baseball finally decided to put on their big-boy pants and strike a deal to end MLB's lockout and get the season back on track. But as we told you previously, the Missoula PaddleHeads didn't have to pay much attention to the disagreement happening on the professional level as it had no effect on the start of the season for the Pioneer League.

Don't look now but were just over eight weeks away from the PaddleHeads opening their season on May 22. If you're a sports fan you know you have to stock up and be ready to represent your team whenever a new season is about to start. If you find yourself lacking in the gear department when it comes to the PaddleHeads, fear not because you can save a few bucks with a 17% discount on select green merch to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Well, that works out nicely to have green be the main color for the team, doesn't it? And as an added bonus you'll be perfectly prepared to ward off any would-be pinchers when you're wearing your new green gear on the holiday.

We made quite a few visits to Ogren Park last year as my daughter just hit the age where the games can finally hold her interest. I'll have to see if they have that "I ♥ FREE BEER" shirt in an extra small for her. 😆

Visit the PaddleHeads online to shop the St. Patrick's Day Sale and to purchase tickets for the upcoming season.

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