A Missoula man is being held on robbery charges after an altercation at a ranch supply store in the 2600 block of West Broadway on Monday afternoon, February 25. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"The complainant there had indicated that they had observed a young man conceal items in a bag he was carrying and leave the store without making any attempt to purchase," Welsh said. "The employ confronted the man in the parking lot and reported that the man reached for, and grabbed, what was described as a spiked club that he had in a bag over his shoulder."

According to a police report, the “spiked club” appears to have been crafted from an ax handle. Welsh says more employees surrounded the suspect before police came to the scene.

"Other employees came out and assisted the original employee by surrounding Mr. Rennie," Welsh said. "They convinced him to put the weapon back in the bag, which he did right before the officer arrived. No one was injured with the weapon. The suspect is idenfied as 19-year-old Joshua Rennie."

Rennie is accused of taking some small tools and what appeared to be a small propane tank, the combined value of which would be far below the $1,500 minimum required for a felony theft charge. The club though, elevated the charge to felony robbery instead of misdemeanor theft. Rennie also received an assault with a weapon charge.

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