At about 1:30 Thursday morning, Missoula Police located a vehicle parked in a parking lot in the 3300 block of North Reserve Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the officer was familiar with the vehicle and who it belonged to.

“The officer recognized the vehicle as having been associated with wanted person Michael Naron, 30 years of age,” Welsh said. “When the officer approached the vehicle, he observed and identified Mr. Naron inside on the front seat. He immediately placed Mr. Naron in custody for four outstanding warrants that were out for his arrest.”

According to Welsh, the responding officer discovered something else during the investigation.

“He additionally located narcotics on Mr. Naron’s person,” Welsh said. “In fact, that happened at the jail during the book in process. Mr. Naron has been charged with possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and for the four outstanding warrants.”

Naron was caught with heroin in his possession as well as a commonly used item to ingest dangerous drugs.

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