Gas prices traditionally increase with the demands of a growing economy does and 2018 appears to be no different.

"The economy is looking very strong and that could contribute to gas prices in 2018 that are probably their highest any time since 2014," said Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "It looks like folks that drive will be shelling out 15 to 35 cents per gallon more in 2018 than what we spent last year."

U.S. Oil exports are now on their tenth consecutive record week, meanwhile cuts in OPEC production continue to drive the price of oil and gas up. DeHaan says Montana drivers can see the impact of these trends at the pump.

"Prices have edged up in Montana a little bit," Dehaan said. "Average prices are now up to $2.59 cents which is about two cents higher than it was last week when it was at $2.57. Many folks have seen the price of oil, which stands today at $65.50 a barrel which is much higher than where we started the year in the low to mid 50s."

Prices in the rest of the country are actually increasing faster than Montana, which usually trails national trends by about two weeks.

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