Bad weather may have moved in, and grandpa may be battling cancer- but the bull sale will go on.

I called my Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Monte as they were on their way back to Eastern Montana recently. My Uncle Monte was able to head back to the ranch for the weekend after fighting through cancer treatment all week long. When I asked him if he needed anything from us here in town, he said, "pray for rain."

There you go. That's these tough ranchers for you. Instead of asking for something for himself, he was more concerned about the ranch and his fellow ranchers who desperately need the moisture.

Some of you have heard me joke about how I am a town kid. I grew up in town, but always enjoyed any time I got to spend on the ranch with friends or family. My cousins Logan, Mark, and Paul are the cool cowboys in the family. (You can throw our cousin Greg in there too)

Back in February, Logan wrote a great piece about ending all of the mandates. I heard from many of you who enjoyed reading his comments. So I thought- why not get Logan on the radio show? We can talk about his dad's battle with cancer, and how the 3 boys (and grandkids) are making sure this week's family bull sale in Glasgow still goes on without a hitch.

For those of us "town kids" out there, I asked Logan what it takes to get ready for a bull sale. I figured he would give some good answer about testing the bulls prior, shipping the bulls etc...instead he gives this great answer.

Logan Eayrs: Well, it really has taken us 60 years. My grandma started in 1962 and bought the first five head of registered Angus heifers. So that's when we really got going. So it's taken sixty years just to get right to here.

I also asked Logan what it's like preparing for their big bull sale this week, while his dad is currently battling cancer and undergoing cancer treatments. He says he and his brothers are ready, thanks to their dad's guidance over all the years.

Logan Eayrs: Just like it's been a long time getting ready for the bull sale- for years and years and years- he's been preparing us for years and years and years. It's not like we've been thrown into it all of a sudden. We've been getting ready to do this very thing for- I'm 34 so, you know, maybe 30 years I guess I've been getting ready.

Here's the full audio with Logan from earlier in the week:

Despite the bad weather, Logan tells us the Eayrs Angus bull sale in Glasgow is a go, it is on. It takes place Thursday at 1 p.m. Here's the details on Thursday's bull sale.

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