In June of 2012, Montana native Shane Todd was allegedly murdered in Singapore while working on top secret technology which was being sought by the Chinese government working with the Huawei Company.

Shane Todd’s mother Mary spoke with KGVO News recently in hopes that the recent controversy surrounding Huawei and its connection with her son’s death might come to the forefront with the new administration in Washington, D.C.

“Shane is our oldest son and he had a PhD in electrical engineering,” began Todd. “He was hired by a company in Singapore called IME, and within a year of being hired he was asked to work with a Chinese company working with highly technical product call GAN, gallium nitrate, and Shane thought he was working on a switch for a cell phone. He came to find out that it was actually being used for military use.”

Todd said her son refused to participate, considering it an act of treason against his own country.

“Shane realized he was being asked to give this technology to China and he refused,” she said. “He quit his job and on his last day of work, he was garroted, meaning he was choked and hung on a door and we were told that he committed suicide. There was a hard drive there in his apartment that we had analyzed that showed us this illegal relationship between Huawei and IME and the GAN technology. His body was riddled with defensive wounds and there was just one thing after another that showed us that he had been murdered.”

Todd attempted to find support from the U.S. government, but had no success.

“Our government is aware of it, but we were shut down from the highest level,” she said. “That’s when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and Barack Obama was President. But now with this new administration and all this news about Huawei, we’re hoping that they will reopen Shane’s case and there will be an investigation into the murder of our son.”

That effort is already underway as Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte told KGVO News last Friday that he had brought Shane Todd’s case to the White House and said, “We’re going to get to the bottom of it and find some closure for the Todd family.”

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