The Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives says the Montana state flag has been removed from outside the capitol building, and replaced with a rainbow LGBT flag, apparently at the direction of Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT).

Bullock is one of 23 Democrat candidates for president, and one of the few who failed to qualify for the first debate due to low polling. Several other states have also politicized the flying of flags over their capitols in the past few days.

Rep Steve Gunderson first shared the photo and reacted via Facebook on Saturday night:

Totally unacceptable action by our Governor!!! Removal of our State Flag is NOT acceptable and running up a gay pride flag in its place is in REALLY BAD TASTE!!! Total dishonor to the people that revere our State heritage!
Remove it and Replace our State Flag!!
Email to Governor
Phone to Governors office
Anyone wanting to comment to the Governor, here is your chance. Let’s flood the Governors office with calls and comments!!!!!

Speaker of the House Greg Hertz added:

It is my understanding that Governor Bullock has approved removing the Montana Flag at our State Capitol for the weekend and replacing it with the Gay Pride Flag. What group will be next - Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, NRA, Knights of Columbus, etc. Everyone has a right to free speech but these flags poles should not be used as political speech by our Governor or anyone. Just another poor choice by our Governor.


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