Did you know that Montana is home to one of the only summer Ski areas in North America? It's true, and it may not be opening for business this year. Beartooth Basin is a summer-only ski area high atop the Beartooth pass. A place that is buried with so much snow, that it is not accessible until spring, making it one of the best places for summertime skiing.

According to the Beartooth Basin website

Beartooth Basin (formerly: The Red Lodge International Ski and Snowboard Camp) is one of North America’s oldest alpine ski training areas. The ski area is staffed with professional ski patrol and lift attendants just as any other ski area, but with a summer-like setting above 10,000 feet that can sometimes turn to winter at a moment's notice. Please note, that there are no lodge or warming hut facilities. You could call it backcountry skiing with a lift.

With a series of mild winters in the region, as well as a poor amount of snowpack in the mountains, this season may be postponed. Currently, the Montana Department of Transportation is working hard to clear the roads for the traditional opening around Memorial Day. Even though the snow may seem deep, it is actually at a near historical low.

According to a recent Facebook post from Beartooth Basin, they managed to make their way to the top and give it a good look. But, they didn't have really good news. As it turns out, the snow is not as good as they hoped for to go ahead with the proposed opening day of May 27th.

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