The Gallatin County Sheriff’s office is trying to solve a strange crime involving multiple shooting incidents. So far, all the victims appear to horses. According to Undersheriff Dan Springer the most recent horse shooting was reported in the past week.

"We've had a fellow who has some horses that are on some property that he's leased for pasture int he summertime," Springer said. "He's had a few of his horses shot, we've had three cases now since may, all to the same victim in a fairly remote location and we're trying to figure out what might be going on out there."

The rural area where the horses have been targeted is difficult to comb through for clues, but Springer says they believe the horses were shot with a rifle.

"They are rifle rounds, the most recent one was a bullet wound through the neck, it went through and through and the horse is recovering fine... but it is certainly concerning," Springer said. "The bullets haven't been recovered, they haven't lodged inside the animals, so they are somewhere out in the pasture's hundreds of acres. None of the horse have died, all three are recovering."

Springer says the horse shootings don’t appear to be random as the same individual’s horses continue to be targeted.

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