Republicans made big gains in both the U.S. House and Senate this week, but the needle barely moved in the Montana Legislature. The day after Election Day, Montana Republican Party chairman Will Deschamps says the numbers are still in flux.

"These are preliminary numbers right now. We have to wait for canvasing and provisional ballots and stuff," Deschamps said. "But we don't think we're going to lose any seats in the House or the Senate here in the state. If anything, we may pick up one house seat or we may lose one house seat. We're just kind of in the state of flux right now."

Even if the Montana Senate stays the same, Deschamps sees it as a Republican victory.

"In the Senate, we may be up one, which actually... it's hard to explain. We may be up three because through redistricting, we actually lost two Senate seats," Deschamps said. "But it appears, if we win one, we actually pick up three if that makes any sense."

At this point, it appears that the republicans will have 59 or 60 congresspersons in the 100 member state House of representatives and 29 senators in the 50 member state Senate.


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