Well one of the leaders now in rentals and vacation nights is Airbnb. How much did we make here in the Big Sky State utilizing this service?

According to NBC Montana, In 2017, Airbnb hosts earned over $19.7 million and welcomed nearly 147,000 people to Montana. Wow, that is more then I thought. Having used an airbnb it can be less expensive and give you more room.

Missoula wasn't the number one rented area as far as airbnb in Montana goes, Bozeman was. They made just under 3 million dollars in that area and had 22,000 guests.

I also read that the average earnings of an individual was over $6,000 annually. Not bad! Kulr8 News mentioned that Bozeman, Missoula and Whitefish were the top cities. Makes sense!




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