The awards just keep on coming for the Montana Department of Justices Motor Vehicle Division for the Montana REAL ID public information campaign and its website.

Public Information Officer Levi Worts said the newest round of accolades includes the campaign’s first international award.

“This marks the first time that Montana’s MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) took home an international award from AAMVA, which is the American Association for Motor Vehicle Administrators,” said Worts. “This is a very big deal for us, and we also took home four other awards, all of which are wrapped around our REAL ID campaign.”

Worts details the other awards, which include honors for the interactive features on the website.

“Three of them are four our website, MT REAL, which is the first conversational website in government, because it combines web elements in our chatbot system to deliver curated information to citizens when they interact with it,” he said. “That’s really where a majority of the awards are focused, is on that website chatbot combination. Our international award was for excellence in government partnership for our partnership with MSU Billings.”

The website consistently records a 60 percent interaction rate through the chatbot with over 40,000 automated conversations fielded to date.

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