Last Wednesday, Missoula authorities were notified that a rape suspect, 29-year-old Jordan Scott Bahr, was being held in Minnesota. Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst explains how law enforcement worked to find the suspect.

"He was charged here very recently with sexual intercourse without consent and the judge set his bail at $50,000," said Pabst. "What that does, is it alerts law enforcement in the states that are selected by us to be on the lookout for him and if they find him, to arrest him."

Pabst said Bahr was actually found because of the work of a discerning employer.

"It's interesting how he got caught. He had asked his boss in Minnesota, where he worked, he was on campus there and asked for some time off and wouldn't explain to her why he wanted this extended time off and raised some red flags for her," Pabst said. "She google him and found out that he had the warrant for him and she turned him in. He was placed in custody there which starts the extradition process."

If Bahr chooses to wave extradition, which is what typically happens, someone from Montana will have to make the trip over to Minnesota and bring him back to Missoula. The extradition process varies from state to state. Pabst says that Montana and Washington state exchange criminals so frequently that there is a regular shuttle that carts accused criminals back and forth every week.