A Missoula man, 31 year-old Matthew Schaefer is in the Missoula County Jail after a night of alcohol and cocaine led to a charge of sexual intercourse without consent.

Court documents state that Schaefer was at the home of the female victim when he found a 9mm pistol in her room and laid it on the bed. When she attempted to leave he blocked her way and ordered her to get undressed. The affidavit states she removed her clothing because she was afraid of him.

After the alleged sexual assault, he allowed the victim to leave. She got dressed and called a friend for a ride to the police station where she reported the assault.

At Schaefer’s justice court appearance on Friday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mark Handelman asked Judge Landee Holloway for $75,000 bond.

“The State believes the defendant is a danger to the community,” said Handelman. “He is currently on probation for at least one offense, even though he was using cocaine and drinking while committing this sexual offense. Probation conditions don’t seem to have stopped the defendant even though his probation is substance abuse related.”

Handelman told Judge Holloway that Schaefer’s probation was related to a felony DUI.

“Since he is only 31 and already has a fifth or felony DUI, the defendant needs a bond that reflects his ability to follow the orders of the court.”

Judge Holloway set bail at $75,000 and ordered Schaefer to appear again on September 10.


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