With the presentation of the Medal of Honor for the family of Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins, several folks in his hometown of Bozeman, Montana started saying- "Why not name the new high school in Bozeman in honor of Staff Sgt. Atkins?"

Unfortunately, the Bozeman school board had already settled on a list of names and chose Gallatin High School as the name of their new high school.

Now there's a new effort underway- why not name the school mascot in honor of Atkins by honoring him and all of his fellow 10th Mountain Division mountaineer soldiers that he gave his life for?

Jeff Krogstad grew up with Travis Atkins, and attended the White House ceremony with the Atkins family. He's encouraging the community to name the mascot for the new high school as the "Mountaineers." He joined us on our statewide radio show Montana Talks to discuss the idea. Click below for the audio:


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