Missoula Police were called to help a Deputy U.S. Marshall arrest 32-year-old Casey Henry on Wednesday afternoon, February 15, but when they arrived at a home on Cooper Street in Missoula, they ended up making more arrests for various drug related crimes.

"Further investigation revealed that there appeared to be drug activity going on in the house and, subsequent to that, two other people were arrested in the investigation," Welsh said. "One a 63-year old female identified as Sir-Viris Zarthanrne Henry-Patzer and a 47-year-old man Taj Eben Leszak."

Sadly, young children were found in the home, leading to extra charges for Leszak and Henry-Patzer.

"They were charged with criminal child endangerment and accountability for criminal child endangerment along with related drug charges," Welsh said. "There were two small children in the house: ages 6 and 11. There was evidence found that led officers to believe that the environment was not safe for the children."

All three individuals are now in custody at the Missoula county jail. Welsh says the drugs found in this case appear to be methamphetamine.

Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail