If there’s one thing ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling knows, it’s how to keep fans in breathless anticipation. With the book series long behind her and the film adaptation wrapping up with its final installment this summer, Rowling’s got a new project underway and she’s dropping cryptic hints across the internet.

After 10 clues were distributed across Harry Potter fan sites, Rowling fanatics combined them to uncover the word “Pottermore.” A visit to Pottermore.com doesn’t reveal much — only the alluring words “Coming Soon” and J.K. Rowling’s signature. But click one of the illustrated owls on the page and up pops a YouTube site with a countdown clock and the promise of an announcement to come in less than a week’s time.

Could it be another installment of the behemoth franchise? Nope: Scholastic (publisher of the Harry Potter series) has definitively told Entertainment Weekly that there will not be a new book.

EW speculates that the announcement may be a comprehensive, official Harry Potter site or the release of the iconic series in electronic format. The latter seems a bit anti-climatic for such a big build-up and rather unlikely given Rowling’s previously stated aversion to e-books.

Most telling is that the editor of fan site Harry Potter News and Rumors says he’s seen whatever it is and it’s “breathtaking in scope, detail and sheer beauty,” lending credence to the website theory and causing others to believe it may actually be a role-playing game.

A comment left by EW.com reader “Genoa” says it all: ”Whatever it is, I want it. Rowling owns me.”

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