The so-called non-discrimination ordinance was rejected in a 7-4 vote by the Billings City Council, as council members decided not to take up the issue following a lengthy public comment session.

As Mitch Lagge reports for KTVQ-TV:

Council members who voted against the ordinance were Mike Yakawich, Roy Neese, Frank Ewalt, Pam Purinton, Shaun Brown, Mike Boyette and Mayor Bill Cole.

Despite yet another rejection by the Billings City Council, council member Penny Ronning says she intends to bring the measure up again, according to The Billings Gazette:

"This is the beginning," Ronning said following the vote. "I'm bringing it back again. It's a conversation this community clearly wants to have."

Here's the full video, including public comment, from the Community 7 Television Facebook page:


Credit Townsquare Media Billings
Credit Townsquare Media Billings



The divisive NDO debate is back in front of the Billings City Council, and the Billings Police Department sent out a notice to local media with the subject "Monday Night City Council Security Measures."

The NDO is the so-called non-discrimination ordinance that was previously rejected by the Billings City Council due to concerns that the NDO could be used to discriminate against Christians and other faith-based organizations and individuals.

According to the press release from Lt. Brandon Wooley, City Hall will be locked at 5 PM with the exception of one entry point at the police department. Extra officers will also be providing security at the city council meeting.



Per Chief St. John, we are forwarding some information to disseminate to the public regarding tomorrow’s City Council session. It’s our goal to provide a safe environment for all who plan to attend. Safety measures will be implemented tomorrow evening and those attending should expect measures very similar to if they were attending a concert at the Metra. In addition to staffing extra officers at City Hall during the meeting, the following measures will be in place.

City Hall will be locked at 5:00 p.m. with the exception of a single point of entry at the doors in front of the police department at 3rd Avenue North and North 27th.

- Metal detectors will be in use.

- Prohibited items will not be allowed in the building or council chambers.

- If prohibited items are found at the security check, they need to be returned to a car or thrown away.

- The police department will not hold any items.

The following items must be returned to the car or thrown away:

- Firearms or weapons of any kind including knives, utility knives, mace, personal pepper spray, wallet chains, sharp spiked jewelry, fireworks or pyro of any kind, alcohol, Illegal drugs or substances, coolers, backpacks or bags that exceed 12”x12”, fanny packs or waist packs, and noise making devices.

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