Finally a Pure Barre location has popped up right here in Missoula! If you are looking to totally transform your body and get in the best physical shape of your life, there are two classes here in Missoula that I recommend:

#1 BoxCore @ Ridge Fitness with Rachel Plumage

#2 Pure Barre Missoula @ 812 Toole Ave

While I have yet to take a Pure Barre class at their new Missoula location, I have been to my fair share of classes at their Los Angeles locations. And let me tell you, they are some of the hardest but best classes you will ever take. I mean it when I say you will feel muscles that you didn't even know existed!

Pure Barre believes:

"In 55 minutes, you'll achieve a total body workout. Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change your body."

But like any workout, consistency is EVERYTHING! Luckily you start seeing results in your strength level and your physical form pretty quickly once you start taking barre classes. And let me tell you, the results make it all worth it!

Shout out to my nail tech Nicole Holden @ the One Stop Nail Shop for hookin' me up with the details and a FREE Pure Barre class! She knows what's up!

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