A man who is no stranger to the Missoula Police Department was involved in a pursuit from authorities that ended when he drove a stolen car into the Clark Fork River.

Police spokesman Travis Welsh said that 44 year-old Corey Kendall was the man arrested after exiting the floating car and swimming to shore.

"At about 10:05 this morning, an officer initiated a pursuit on a vehicle that had returned stolen earlier when another officer ran the plate," Welsh began. "Before that officer could turn around, the  vehicle had disappeared. The other officer found it somewhere in the vicinity of Wyoming and North Johnson."

Welsh said that's when the driver decided to go swimming with the stolen vehicle.

"The officer initiated another traffic stop but the driver failed to yield and a pursuit ensued," he said. "The driver made it over to River Road where after traveling east towards Russell, he actually turned down the riverbank and drove into the river on the west side of the Russell Street bridge. The car started to float downstream with the driver inside, until he observed a beach on the north side and he exited the vehicle and swam across where an officer was waiting and took him into custody. He was identified as Corey Kendall.

In April, Kendall was arrested and placed on $50,000 bail after an incident in which he allegedly supplied a 17 year-old girl with methamphetamine. The incident included gunshots in a parking lot and Kendall accused of removing evidence on social media that may have been incriminating.

He is in jail on $50,000 bond for felony theft.

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