Missoula county commissioners have approved new voting precincts,which have been changed to match the new voting districts created from the 2010 census data.

"I would say at least 75% of our population will go to the same polling location," said Missoula Clerk and Recorder Vicki Zeier. "But because of the new House district boundaries, some people will be voting at another location."

Voting precincts will also be renamed. The new mechanism for naming the precincts will include the names of the area, i.e. Hellgate, along with the new house district number. The old system simply used the area name with the suffix 1,2,3, e.t.c.

The official map can be seen below. Zeier says voter information cards will be mailed to the public in June.

Vicki Zeier:

One of the biggest changes is the move of house district 100, which once covered the Lolo area, but is now in the center of the city of Missoula. The number of precincts decreased from 52 to 51 and each voting district has around four precincts.

Missoula voting precinct map
Photo of Missoula new voting precinct names