Wildfire season is here and the Montana Department of Revenue is encouraging folks whose property is damaged by fires, or other natural disasters, to apply for property tax relief.

"As you know, wildfires and other natural disasters can be just devastating and we are sorry for Montanans who may lose homes, or properties, or land to a natural disaster," Public Information Officer Mary Ann Dunwell said. "We have a tax assistance program that can be significant and help provide some relief for property owners to recover from devastation."

Dunwell said land and property owners must fill out an application.

"We ask property owners to complete this natural disaster application. There's a form for dwellings and house buildings, and business equipment. Forest-land owners have another form," Dunwell said. "Those are available on our website at revenue.mt.gov."

Montana property owners who experience a natural disaster-related loss of a dwelling also may be eligible for an income tax deduction.

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