23 year-old Brady Rauh appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Friday charged with what the prosecuting attorney called a 'huge crime spree', including the theft of two vehicles, and use of stolen credit cards.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mac Bloom ticked off a litany of charges against Rauh before Judge Marie Anderson, after he asked for Rauh to be held on $50,000 bond.

"In addition to the charges you just read, you'll see another complaint there," Bloom began. "Mr. Rauh was just picked up yesterday for stealing another car and fleeing from officers on foot. In that vehicle he had a rifle. You just read from that complaint for felony theft for stealing a car and deceptive practices for using credit cards he found in that car."

Bloom continued.

"He also has a separate misdemeanor theft case in front of you right now," he said. "I spoke with Detective Manraska earlier today and he informed me that Mr. Rauh confessed to stealing this most recent car, and also confessed to five other burglaries along with forging $1,900 in casino tickets, which we'll be filing complains on shortly. It's the state's position that he's on a huge crime spree and clearly presents a danger to the community."

Judge Anderson set bond at $25,000 and ordered Rauh to appear again on March 6.