The idiots are returning from their annual migration, to Yellowstone National Park. Videos are flooding the internet, showing people attempting selfies in some of the most dangerous parts of YNP.

The park service has asked that visitors to the park take the "Safe Selfie" pledge. All they ask is that you use common sense and NOT take selfies near hazards.

Yellowstone National Park even had to go as far as to release the top 5 places in the park that may be considered hazardous.

  1. Next to a geyser
  2. In Yellowstone Lake
  3. Near a hot spring
  4. On the edge of the canyon
  5. Near wildlife

Each year we sit back and smack our heads, asking "how can people be so dumb." And, each year we are not surprised by the amount of people that JUST DON'T GET IT. See footage of tourists, trying to pose for a selfie with an adult bison.

Just remind people that the minimum legal distance you can be from wildlife is 25 feet. They must not have gotten the memo.

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