Remember the Freedom Convoys that started sprouting up along the US-Canadian border? Farmers, truckers, and other freedom loving Canadians and Americans gathered on both sides of the border. Here in Montana, Coutts, Alberta and Sweetgrass, Montana were the epicenter.

While the protests were largely focused on COVID mandates and restrictions, there also was a strong sentiment against national energy policies in both countries that were driving up gas prices.

Something similar is now playing out in Europe, where farmers across the European Union are protesting climate-related policies that would only drive up the price of energy even further. In the Netherlands, the Dutch ruling coalition are even outright admitting that the climate-related policies that they are still pursuing will force 30% of farmers out of business.

The protests first started in the Netherlands, according to The Daily Caller. Later, protests spread to Poland, Italy, and beyond according former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis who now heads up AND Magazine.

I caught up with The Daily Caller's Max Keating early last week.

Keating: It's very, very reminiscent of the Freedom convoy. And it's sort of this latest step in regular, everyday people taking matters into their own hands. People I think are exasperated, fed up with a number of different things. But this in the Netherlands- these emissions reductions that are poised to put like 30% of farmers out of business. That's the tipping point for for them.

He says that number could rise to 70% in certain parts of the country. Full audio with Max Keating:

After I spoke with Keating is when we started getting reports that the protests were spreading elsewhere across Europe. As Sam Faddis with AND Magazine pointed out, the protests were about more than simply high gas prices- it was about speaking out against the entire "globalist" World Economic Forum agenda.


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