The world lost a remarkable woman with the passing of Eva Kor last week. Eva is a Holocaust survivor who brought her personal story to Montana, and brought many Montanans back to Auschwitz where she led personal tours of the concentration camp that was home to her torturer- the Nazi Doctor Mengele. Eva was one of the "Mengele Twins."

Coming up on Monday's statewide Montana Talks at 906 AM: our friend and longtime Montana sportscaster Rocky Erickson, along with Billings West High teacher Rob Stanton, join us to remember the life and legacy of Eva Kor. Stanton teaches a genocide class at West High and has brought several groups of students back to Auschwitz with Eva.

In the earlier hours of Montana Talks, Billings-area listeners will also get a chance to hear from three of the West High students who were with Eva in Poland the week before she died. You can catch that conversation in Billings around 735 AM on Newstalk 970 KBUL and 95.5 FM.

Fox News reports that Eva died peacefully at the age of 85.

A longtime resident of Terre Haute, Indiana, Kor preached forgiveness, even to the Nazis who tortured her and her sister.

She spent the past 40 years sharing her story with students, teachers, doctors, senators, historians and civic groups both nationally and internationally.

Known as “the woman in blue” for the outfits she favored, she had boundless energy.

“People would see pictures of her and think, ‘Here’s a 4-foot-9 sweet little old lady,’ and I would want to quickly disabuse them of those notions,” Kiel Majewski, the first executive director of the Candles museum, told WBAA radio of West Lafayette, Ind., upon her death. “She was a nonstop bulldozer,” he said.

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