One of Missoula’s most respected physicians, Dr. Walter Peschel, now retired, told KGVO on Wednesday that he has developed a highly successful treatment for COVID 19.

Mayor John Engen and the Missoula County Commissioners have all reached out to state and national government officials to take note of Dr. Peschel’s treatment and sponsor a study by the Food and Drug Administration, but have so far been unsuccessful.

Here’s what Dr. Peschel shared with KGVO.

“I’ve put together a four drug protocol that seems to be very safe,” said Dr. Peschel. “It's inexpensive for COVID. It would be $25 maybe for one month treatment and durable, and when compared to other traditional inflammatories in other illnesses it seems to be most efficacious.”

Dr. Peschel said the human immune response itself is the culprit in many COVID deaths.

“We thought COVID would be a very unique illness to try this medicine with because the people who get sick that are hospitalized and die, the reason they have this adverse outcome is because their immune response over activates,” he said. “It is the immune response, not the virus that damages the body with a focus on the lungs.”

Dr. Peschel provided results from some of the patients he has treated.

“What we found is the C-reactive proteins stayed normal for the full month (of treatment) with a slight increase for two days from three to eight in the third week,” he said. “We found the oxygen level stayed normal, with a slight decrease from 96 to 93 in the third week. Nobody went to the hospital and nobody died.”

While he waits for the FDA to respond to his successful treatments, Dr. Peschel described the patients he is seeking in western Montana to help in their battle with COVID 19.

“Peter, what I'm looking for in Missoula is patients who are acutely ill with COVID,” he said. “The sooner I can get them, the better. And I would like to have people who are a little more high risk, although I'd probably take care of anybody right now. People who are 60 and older who have obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, because they do so poorly. It doesn't take that many people to see if your medicine works. In other words, if I had (could successfully treat) 100 of those people, and nobody went to the hospital, then that were really mean something.”

Peschel did not reveal the four ingredients in his COVID treatment, but said it would be inexpensive, keep people with dangerous comorbidities out of the hospital, and help provide a locally based solution to the COVID epidemic.

Dr. Peschel will be our guest on the KGVO Talk Back Program on Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and will take calls from listeners.

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