A CBS news poll shows a close race for the US Senate in Montana. According to the poll, Montana's State Auditor is only two points behind Senator Jon Tester (D-MT).

Two incumbent red-state Democratic senators who have been the targets of some of President Trump's ire are facing increasingly tough odds to win re-election in November, a new poll shows, underscoring the challenges Democrats face in their bid to retake the Senate in November -- as well as Trump's continuing presence in key battleground states.

John Nolte with Breitbart News added this:

Currently, Real Clear Politics poll of polls shows Tester with a 4.3 percent lead. Not much polling has come out of Montana, but Tester’s lead has dwindled from an eight-point advantage in June to just two points currently.

From the Left, James Conner says the average of the last two polls shows a tie race at 46-46. He also lists the reasons why Tester could lose in November.  Here's an excerpt from his Flathead Memo blog post:

Matt Rosendale’s political résumé is much thinner than Jon Tester’s, but that weakness is offset by the strength of his determination to vote as Trump demands because according to the CBS News poll, national issues are more than twice as important to Montanans as are local issues




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