Cell phones and tablets are ubiquitous at school these days, and Missoula School District One has specific policies regarding the possession and use of such devices at school.

Communications Director Hatton Littman said their official policy states that ‘students having personal electronic devices on campus or at school sponsored events is a privilege’.

She said teachers and administrators are always looking for ways to improve the classroom atmosphere and experience.

“Two of our high schools for this upcoming school year are considering adding some hanging storage areas for their high school students to store their devices in during class time, or potentially make it a choice-based options for students who feel like they are too distracted having their device in their pocket or person, this is a place in the classroom where they could store it,” said Littman, who added there are limited circumstances where a student’s electronic device could be confiscated.

“If an adult at the school asks a student to put their device away or says that a student might be using their device inappropriately, then that device, if that behavior is deserving of it, the device can be confiscated,” she said. “Our policy is really clear to say that devices will only be returned to that student’s parent of guardian, or to a student who is legally emancipated or is over 18.”

In addition, Littman said board policy, as well as state law is very clear that no recording devices of any kind are allowed in locker rooms or restrooms, and it is a zero tolerance issue to protect the safety and privacy of students.



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