Wow this sounds fun and exciting! I will be broadcasting live this weekend at the Walmart on the corner of Mullan and Reserve and they will be crushing cars! Missoula Nissan Hyundai has fun at work.

Missoula Nissan will be crushing cars with Nissan Titan Trucks at 1:00pm at the Wal-Mart on Mullan on Saturday, and I'm happy that I'm the one working that day! This is going to be so cool!

From 11-2 this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be live and offsite for what sounds like a fun weekend of food, car crushing and deals. The Wild Weenie truck will be out there with free food for everyone! The car crushing is Saturday only it sounds like.

I'm not sure exactly how they are doing it or who is doing the crushing in the Titan but come and find out!


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