Remember when President Trump was in Great Falls, Montana? Remember the outrage from many in the media when he challenged Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test?

Well, cue up the Lizzo song, cause Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test, turns out- she's not even close to being Native American. But we already knew that. And, after repeatedly lying about being Native American, Senator Warren is now attempting another apology on the campaign trail.

At an event in New Hampshire, Warren said she "sometimes identified as Native American." As The Daily Caller reports:

“I grew up in Oklahoma, and my three older brothers and I learned about our family same way most people do, from our mom and from our dad,” the Massachusetts senator replied. “My family is very important to me, and that’s why many years ago I sometimes identified as Native American.”

While we're talking DNA tests...Buzzfeed put together a hilarious mashup of some Lizzo/DNA test memes. Although, I gotta admit- my favorite is the Lizzo and Wilford Brimley mashup, which didn't make their list. So I've included it below...


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