There is a city ordinance that requires homeowners to clear their sidewalks by 9:00 a.m. after it snows, and if not, you could be paying the city to do it for you.

City Compliance Officer Greg Wood said his office responds to complaints about sidewalks that have not been cleared.

"I'm sure we'll be receiving complaints on Thursday morning and going out a checking on properties, so you should make sure that you get it shoveled by nine o'clock, and if you have any extra energy, maybe you could help a neighbor out and do what you can to help those around you," Wood said.

"We're complaint driven, so we'll go by that day and check on the property and if it's not shoveled, we'll give them a card saying that we've been by, and if it's not shoveled then we'll follow up about 24 hours later then we'll go ahead and shovel it, and it will be billed to you," he said.

Having the city shovel your sidewalk is not cheap.

"We charge $28.50 for a half an hour, and then there's an administration fee, and so the minimum charge is $67.50. We put some snow-melt down, so that's an extra cost, so I'd say the average bill that we put out is between $80 and $100 dollars," he said. "For those who are seniors or disabled and can't shovel their own sidewalks, you can contact Imagine Missoula, and their phone number is 748-6752, and they've helped us a lot in the past."

Get details by contacting Woods' office at 552-6630.