The Montana Hope Project was started back in 1984 when Montana Highway Patrol Officers reached out to a couple kids with life-threatening illnesses. They took their own money and brought the kids on a fun trip to Glacier Park. Those same amazing things are being done but for this specific event we are trying to reach $13,000 so a Missoula 9 year old will be able to afford a hot tub and lift.

The Missoula 9 year old is Emily, she suffers from RETT Syndrome. Because of her illness she is unable to communicate verbally, walk, or do anything without the aid of others. She loves water, but has outgrown her bathtub. According to Emily's family, the only time she is completely at peace is relaxing in warm water.

The Axmen has pledged to install a hot tub and a lift, but the total costs of the equipment is the reason for the big raffle. The auction will take place during the Freedom Bonanza taking place Saturday, June 25th at the Axmen. Just look at these auction items!